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Sheetfed & Web Offset Printing

At Gray Graphics, our commitment to stay up to date with the latest in printing technology provides us with the tools necessary to deliver quality work to our clients in a professional, efficient and timely manner. Our goal is to continually refine our workflow to ensure adherence to the latest technological standards for producing top quality products and delivering those results to you.

The latest addition to our offset printing capability is the 28″ x 40″ Man Roland 708 Perfecting sheet-fed press offering 8 colors plus inline roll sheeting. What this allows us to do is to print short, to medium, to long runs from rolls that get sheeted on press just prior to running through the ink units for printing. Paper waste is minimized and the full sheet is utilized since sheets can be cut to any length on the fly. Buying paper in rolls has afforded us discounted purchasing power on paper, which we pass on to our customers in our pricing proposals. The Man Roland 708 Press offers state of the art technology in printing presses incorporating the PECOM system on the front end to capture job parameters and ink densities for automatic make ready, high speed production, and dead on register consistently throughout production from first to last sheet. This system is responsible for taking all incoming job parameters and interpreting them into control commands for the press. The PECOM system will generate a job ticket outlining the work to be performed and will pre-set ink, water and pressure settings to ensure accurate color reproduction. Once the job has been set and is running, the PECOM system will actively monitor the completed press sheets, adjusting the press throughout the run to ensure quality from beginning to end.

After the work has been produced, the Prinergy workflow system takes over for archiving of the job files to hold all of your critical works for reprint, ensuring all future runs are generated from the same files, delivering the same results. Just for safety sake, the Insite on-line proofing system will be used for reprints as well, giving you the added peace of mind that your work is in good hands.

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