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At Gray, we are active participants in the green movement. We strive to sustain our natural resources, limit our carbon footprint and help our clients to do the same. To that end, we offer a host of options and policies to help you green your business and projects.

Gray Graphics is a leader in providing environmentally responsible printing services. Here’s How Gray Has Gone Green:

  • We are powered by Washington Gas Energy Services (a Maryland-based solar and wind energy company) from whom we buy enough wind power Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset half of our energy consumption, the equivalent of removing 135 passenger vehicles from roadways each year.
  • We are an EPA Green Power Partner reflecting our voluntary commitment to the use of green power to reduce the risk of climate change.
  • We use soy and vegetable inks in the production of our printed materials.
  • Gray Graphics achieves near 100% recycling of scrap paper and aluminum waste. We are in the process of acquiring a distillation recovery system that would allow us to significantly minimize the use of most pressroom solvents.

The printing world has enabled the amazing explosion of knowledge since the time of Gutenberg. Our industry – which has supported this explosion of knowledge – has become a large consumer of cellulose fiber, natural and synthetic pigments and dyes, chemical solvents, electrical energy, natural gas, petroleum and various metals. Utilizing these resources responsibly and sensibly is a priority to Gray Graphics.

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